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Fatehpur Sikri Tour and Travel guide

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Fatehpur Sikri is located on the area of the top of a hill with the concept that Akbar can be safe from the enemies and all the rivalry to him. Also, he planned this place with the concept that by being at this area he could control and manage all the different parts of India of his rule very well. This place was primarily built for honoring the great saint Salim Chisti who gave special blessings to Akbar one’s. You will catch various tour operators in Fatehpur Sikri guiding with this customized Fatehpur Sikri tour packages at the same time. Fatehpur Sikri tourism is well known and its popularity is increasing on day to day basis.


Fatehpur Sikri at a Glance

State Uttar Pradesh

Best time to Visit Fatehpur Sikri October to March

Languages spoken Hindi, English

Seasons Summer (April-June), Winter (October-February), Monsoon (July-August)

Religions Hindu, Islamic, Sikhism

Temperature Summer (32° C to 36° C) & Winter (7.2° C to 19° C)

Climate Humid sub-tropical

Cuisine Different country foods


Highlights of Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri tourist destinations and specially the temple that you will cover

How to reach

By Air

The most convenient and comfortable way to travel to this royal destination is by air. The nearest airport to this place is Kheria airport which has many numbers of flights to various different destinations on regular basis. Also, it is 40 kms away from Agra airport. You can choose to be at either of the place. You can easily get connecting flights from Kheria or Agra to all the major international destinations which will definitely enrich you with better facilities in comparison to rail and road.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Kheria or Agra Railway Station. You will definitely have an unforgettable and mesmerizing experience with your group by traveling through train. There are many trains from Kheria or Agra which will be easy way out for you. It is comparatively economic but takes more time.

By Road

By taking road ride is in total different and the most suitable way to travel to Fatehpur Sikri. Hiring a car rental service will be convenient and comfortable to visit all the attractive spots of Fatehpur Sikri.


It is a depiction of Mughal era art especially the balcony which is so royal at the western front side. You will enter this place from Agra Gate as there are nine ancient gates. This place was also used for important discussions and hearing various petitions from people.  This is a place which is not to be missed when on Fatehpur Sikri tourism.


This dome also impacted with the ancient art of Mughal era which is structured in a unique style of architecture. It will be so easy for you to visit this place as it is located just back of Diwan-i-aam.  Here also several meetings were held by Akbar and also some other processing for the work. Both the above mentioned places will enlighten you greatly with royalty.

The Panch Mahal
The Panch Mahal

This Mahal is sectioned into five parts for various purposes which is as a whole taken as valuable tourist spot of Fatehpur Sikri by visitors.  One section out of five was especially for Princess and her maids from which they were able to sigh around the entire ahal through Pardah as they were not frequently allowed to move out of their section. Various other amazing places which one should not miss by being at Fatehpur Sikri tourism are the Todarmal Baradari, Rang Mahal, Samosa Mahal, Hathi Pol, Hiran Minar, Mosque and yet there are many more to be on. You going to get an experience of different era sculptures and style of architectures.